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The best ways to get your band or music famous

January 14, 2017

11 tips on how to reach more people with your music

How to Get Your Band Famous

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Playing in a band is a way to merge your musical talent with fellow players, and play your song to the world. The music industry relies heavily on bands, not just singers. However, simply dreaming about being in a famous band isn’t going to get you famous. If you’ve got a musical passion and want to make it famous, stop day dreaming and read this article for advice.


  1. Get your band together. This might seem obvious, but there are many bands out there who are trying to get famous, each of whom are still looking for a specific type of band member. Depending on your style of music you will need different instruments, but make sure you have everyone you need when you start. Also try to ensure that everyone has roughly the same skill in their roles, as this way you will all develop at the same rate in talent.
  2. Think of a style that makes you unique. One thing that often makes a band famous, well-loved, and importantly, recorded, is if they have a unique flair that stands out. Dare to be different; don’t let the commercial world influence anything you try. Sure, think about what kinds of music people like to listen to, and think about what will appeal to others, but don’t be afraid to try something people haven’t seen before. You can give an instrument unique sounds or you can use an instrument that isn’t used often. e.g. electric violin, or you can use something modified like instead of using drums you could be the first band to use electronic drums.
  3. Get on the same wavelength. Your band will have to work together as one efficient unit in order to get anywhere in the music world. In the beginning you should all agree on certain genres of music to play. Do not play any music that even one person doesn’t want to play. This is when the cracks will start to show. Make proper joint decisions, and don’t ignore the opinion of anyone.
  4. Get tight. Before you begin to write your own music, start off playing cover songs. This will help the fluidity of your music in the future, and allow each individual band member to recognize and get used to the other members style of playing. This will involve practicing at least twice a week. This involves great commitment, and each member of the band must be willing to commit an equal amount of effort to the band.
  5. Get a name. Even though you’re not an original band yet, you will need a band name. This is generally something that happens naturally as you practice, when people start throwing names around. Pick something original. You can always Google it to make sure it’s not already taken. When choosing your name make sure it suits your genre; you can’t exactly call a metal band ‘The Happy Bunnies’.
  6. Get your set together. Pick the songs you’ve practiced most and that you are best at, then string them together to make a set that is about thirty minutes to forty minutes long. Generally, you should have two fast songs then one slow song, two fast songs, one slow song etc. in all your sets, though this can be worked around.
  7. Get gigs. Once you believe you work well enough to play a gig, play anywhere, any time, even if you don’t get paid. The best way to find these gigs is to search for small local bands running gigs in or near your area. At the moment you’re unheard of, and no matter how good you think you are, you still won’t get paid. If you want you could always organise your own gig in your locality if you want to make some money.
  8. Get writing. After a month or two of playing gigs, and probably about 4 to 5 months of general practice and jamming, start to write and compose your own songs. This will be a difficult process at the start, but do not be deterred, soon all the pieces will fall in to place. When you have your songs written, practice them over and over again, allowing to change parts and get tight when playing them.
  9. Get recorded. This is going to cost you between a small amount and a massive amount. Go to a professional recording studio if you can afford it, but don’t go to the most expensive at first because it’s often not worth it, especially if it’s your first set of original songs. Take about five days off work, school or college in order to record between four and six songs to make an E.P.
  10. Get heard.
    • After you have recorded get the masters of the songs, and the original mix. Burn the original mix to a couple of hundred blank CDs, or alternatively, get them published by a professional company. Either way, give them out for free to anyone who wants them. There’s no point trying to sell someone something they haven’t heard before, but if they get it for free at least they will listen to it.
    • Get videos and photos together, and make sure they’re good quality because you never know when some form of press will be looking at them.
      • Simple music videos are relatively easy to make. Get a live video of the band playing the song you want to make the music video for. Remove the audio and place the professionally recorded audio over it instead. Try and mix it a little. If you are not confident in using video editing software, get a friend to do it.
  11. Get seen.
    • Get a friend who is doing photography in college or as an avid hobby to take pictures of the band, both live, and in posed shots. Put a selection of the best up on your sites.
    • Get some sort of logo. In this day and age, we all know someone who’s a whiz kid on Photoshop. Get this person to run up a few different logos based around your name and genre. Make it simple and easy to draw.
    • Run up a few simple t-shirts if you have the money and give them to your friends. The t-shirts should contain your band logo and website.
    • Myspace and other networking sites are a great resource for unheard bands. On Myspace you have the option of allowing anyone to download your songs for free which is an excellent idea at the beginning.
    • When setting up your website, make it yourself or get a friend to do it, and don’t waste money on a domain when you can get a free one from dot.tk. All it really needs is your logo, your name, links to your social network pages, some of your tracks, a video or two and your best photos.


  • Don’t ever give up. Huge bands, such as Linkin Park and even The Beatles themselves have been rejected countless times before signed on. Learn to take the negative feedback from people, and build on it. Bands that have been rejected more before being signed are actually more experienced, because they’ve had a chance to learn from their mistakes.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you practice all the time. If you’re playing, trying to get signed, and the only reason you miss out is because you made a heap of mistakes, you’ve only got yourself to blame. Practice as individuals and practice together. The more you practice, the more you can learn about your music and your band as a whole, and improve. If somebody gave you the equipment off the street and asked you to play, you should be able to.
  • If you are having trouble writing a song or you’re getting writer’s block in the middle, take a break,chill, out watch T.V., and read magazines to mabye get some ideas. Keep it in the back of your mind as you do your daily things and something will come to you. It may sound unbelievable but it’s true.Listen to new c.d.s you might get good ideas, but don’t copy, I’m sure you can think of song and music by yourself. GOOD LUCK!
  • P.S. Fights between some band members may occur, but remember it will all pass! Also remember to have FUN!


  • Many bands are rejected numerous times. Don’t let this put you off- learn from it. Try your best, and have fun!
  • If your band gets rejected once, twice, three times or even more, completely ignore those people. Think about the famous musicians out there right now. .

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