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Posts Tagged ‘ Network ’

GizzyGotcha | Hip Hop Feature

July 29, 2016
GizzyGotcha tattoo inked hip hop

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico I go by Gizzy, GizzyGotcha, or GG. Born in Cleveland, Midwest is what I am. Been writing ever since I could and been recording music since 2008. Up for Collabs or any projects at all times. Just hit my contact info below. GizzyGotcha Links GizzyGotcha Facebook Profile...
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Tropix | Hip Hop Feature

July 26, 2016
Tropix hip hop feature living the dream

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Aurora, Colorado Names Alex Harris but I go by Tropix I am originally from Sterling, Colorado. I am 20 years old and have been doin music for about 2 years now, I have done over 120 tracks. Links to Tropix Tropix Reverbnation Music Page Tropix Reverbnation Music Player
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Mcellus | Hip Hop Feature

July 25, 2016
Mcellus Black Hoodi Records interview 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Lansing, MI I go by MCELLUS (em-sell-us) I’m From Lansing, MI. I’ve been rapping and repping black hoodi Records since 2005. I’ve produced 6 original cds and 11 mixtapes. Ive performed with these artist: Ying Yang Twins, Chopper, Big Sean, Esham. Ive performed in venues all over Michigan and I’m...
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RedHoodBeatz | Hip Hop Feature

July 25, 2016

Genre: Hip Hop, Reggae, Electro, Latin, Jazz, Pop, and other Location: Leipzig, Germany My name is Oleksandr Andryeychev and I was born in 1992 in Lugansk (Ukraine). At the age of 6 I moved to Germany with my parents. In the course of time I started to gain interest in music especially Hip Hop therefore...
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L.O.G.I.C | Hip Hop Feature

July 24, 2016
Logic Hip Hop Interview 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Tucson, Arizona My name is logic. i’m an emcee from Tucson AZ. i been spittin since i was 13. i started rappin cause my life was goin nowhere. in and out of juvie sellin drugs… w.e u can think of, i sold. couldnt stay in school. got into to many...
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Pegg Starr | Interview

July 24, 2016

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from? Pegg Starr @peggstarr – One of my High School friends used to joke around & call me DJ Pegg Starr. I started out as a hip hop DJ & the name just stayed with me when i decided to start writing my own music #GMTU – What...
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Itz60 | Interview

July 23, 2016

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from? @Itz60 – Itz60 is the easier to google version of 60.an exaggeration of the fact i can write and record in what seems to be within 60 seconds. #GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be? @Itz60 – a mixture of rap/hip-hop/R&B...
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BreadWinnaz | Hip Hop Feature

June 22, 2016
bread winnaz hip hop feature

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia demVAboyz:GullyJewelz, Supreme, ManKyne, AwfGard these artists are better known as BREADWINNAZ are taking music to the next level. Baby Girl from their upcoming release, is sure to keep the buzz up w/the streets, ladies, video & radio outlets, & the internet. Gully Jewelz—dubbed “rap-professor” by Legendary...
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Juztin Sane | Interview

June 21, 2016

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from? Juztin Sane – I was originally a backyard wrestler, and that is where my name originated from. I started rapping, and everything else I tried to come up with sounded stupid. I went with Juztin Sane because of the fact that the world has become so...
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Aj Quiero | Interview

June 21, 2016

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from? Aj Quiero – My stage name is the name I go by. I wanted people to know the real me I guess. #GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be? Aj – Well, I guess I consider it rap, or hip-hop. I try to incorporate r&b,...
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Itz60 | Hip Hop Feature

June 18, 2016

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Sacramento, CA   Itz60.Rapper/Producer/Graphics Designer. Let’s Network. I Have A Heavy Work Ethic Resulting In Releasing 55+ Mixtapes Since 2007. I Try To Constantly Network With New Talent And Can Be Contacted On Twitter (@fuckyotwitta) as well as the following sites: Tales from the Lab (Itz60 Blog) Twitter @Itz60 Itz60...
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GiveMusicTo.Us Exclusive | 3HeadedMonstaBeatz update (6-11-12)

April 12, 2016
3headedmonstabeats hotbox entertainment beats hip hop rap producer

Super producer 3HeadedMonstaBeatz gives us a update on what’s going on with the network. Watch the video below.
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