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Posts Tagged ‘ Music Player ’

Spittin Images “Northwest” | Featured Hip Hop music video

March 24, 2013
Spittin Images “Northwest” | Featured Hip Hop music video

Here we have a great party song from Spittin Images a group representing Portland, OR. The song is called “Northwest”. This should really get the party going! Check out the music video below. Follow @spittinmusic on Twitter Like the Spittin Images Facebook Page Buy the “Northwest” single on iTunes Check out Spittin Images on...
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BreadWinnaz | Hip Hop Feature

December 30, 2012
bread winnaz hip hop feature

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia demVAboyz:GullyJewelz, Supreme, ManKyne, AwfGard these artists are better known as BREADWINNAZ are taking music to the next level. Baby Girl from their upcoming release, is sure to keep the buzz up w/the streets, ladies, video & radio outlets, & the internet. Gully Jewelz—dubbed “rap-professor” by Legendary...
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Undefine’d | Hip Hop Feature

December 28, 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Los Angeles, CA Undefine’d is an up and coming musical rap duo from the city of Los Angeles. Andrew and Ryan are looking forward the journey it will take them to make it to the top in order to share their lyrics with the world. In their recent mixtape”We’ve only...
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Itz60 | Hip Hop Feature

December 27, 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Sacramento, CA   Itz60.Rapper/Producer/Graphics Designer. Let’s Network. I Have A Heavy Work Ethic Resulting In Releasing 55+ Mixtapes Since 2007. I Try To Constantly Network With New Talent And Can Be Contacted On Twitter (@fuckyotwitta) as well as the following sites: Tales from the Lab (Itz60 Blog) Twitter @Itz60 Itz60...
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Remy Mencia and Mel Silas of Got Dang Productions | Hip Hop Feature

April 13, 2012
Got Dang Productions

Got Dang Productions are a group of young people aging from 15 up to 22 years of age from all across such as NC, NY, and NJ. Got Dang Productions also known as “GDP” was founded at Sun Valley High School in the spring of 2011 by the following individuals: Mel Silas, Remy Mencia,...
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SamBNO | Hip Hop Feature

April 13, 2012
SamBNO Columbia, SC hip hop artist

I am a student at the University of South Carolina. From the streets to the classroom.  I’ve been involved with hip hop as a lyricist since the age of 11.  I am 25 now.  Hard work and dedication is my motto and lifestyle.  I can show parts of life from the penial system to...
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ChAriTy RaE | Hip Hop/Rap, Goth, Rock Feature

April 7, 2012
ChAriTy RaE

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Goth, Rock, Grunge, Dubstep Location: Springfield, Ohio I have enjoyed music since I was a kid. It began when I was seven, and I remember my grandpa (on my mother’s side of the family) who always had his guitar and karaoke machine hooked up in his garage. This began my journey...
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Kari | Hip Hop Feature

April 4, 2012
Kari hip hop rap alabama

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Location: Huntsville, Alabama Nobody saw Kari coming. As a native of so many different cities, David Ba”kari” Daniels had to live life before he could write about it, contrary to many artists today who seem to speak about things before they even receive or live them. David was born November 15,...
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Malia Carine | R&B Feature

March 29, 2012

Genre: R&B Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Malia Carine’s odyssey is a testament to talent, passion and true grit. Born in Belgium from Rwandan roots, she discovered music by singing in what truly energized her. Malia Carine has traveled and visited different cities around the world and it is the influences stemming from these various...
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Strax | Hip Hop Feature

March 29, 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Spokane, Washington “good music i emcee and make all the beats u hear unless stated otherwise” -Strax Strax (Stratageez) Bandcamp Music Player Links to Strax Twitter @Strax01 Strax on Reverbnation Stratageez on Bandcamp Strax Youtube Channel  
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GizzyGotcha | Hip Hop Feature

March 19, 2012
GizzyGotcha tattoo inked hip hop

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico I go by Gizzy, GizzyGotcha, or GG. Born in Cleveland, Midwest is what I am. Been writing ever since I could and been recording music since 2008. Up for Collabs or any projects at all times. Just hit my contact info below. GizzyGotcha Links GizzyGotcha Facebook Profile...
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YOUNIQUE | R&B Feature

March 18, 2012

Two young girls who both grew up on the south side of Chicago crossed each others path and never knew what their destinies would become of in the future. The summer of 2010 yoshie and sye formed their trio group ‘royale’. After losing a member they became closer. Their target was to bring back...
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