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Mr. Scott | Hip Hop Feature

January 11, 2017

Genre: Hip Hop Location: San Bernardino, CA 20 year old unsigned rapper from San Bernardino, CA currently working on several mixtapes to be relesed this summer. Style is influenced by kKnye West, Rick Ross, and Currensy with a main objective of representing the youth of today’s America. 1st profect, Hometown was released on datpiff.com...
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The Antagonist | Hip Hop Feature

January 6, 2017
The Antagonist

Location: Long Beach, California Group Members: Tony Rome, Hennessee, Ace, Arsin The Antagonist were formed originally at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach CA. While at the time the group consisted of as many as 10 members at one time, throughout the years the group has been condensed to the members that currently...
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Gotti LaSalle Meers | Hip Hop Producer Feature

January 5, 2017
Gotti Meers

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop Location: Chicago, Illinois “The Phenomenal” Gotti Meers is a CHICAGO native. Noted for his supreme wisdom implemented through his lyrics, Meers has set the tone and raised the bar for all unsigned artist; especially those of the midwest. His subject matter and unique flow separates him from most main-stream AND underground...
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Tre Ace | R&B Feature

January 4, 2017

Tre Ace a.k.a. Papi Caliente (Hott Daddy) a.k.a. Royalty of  THE KING is a advanced artist. Music is pure and flows through his veins. Trip out on what he thinks about and goes through. From heart capturing lyrics to earth shaking tracks; this story teller will engage you in each and every crisp and...
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ChAriTy RaE | Hip Hop/Rap, Goth, Rock Feature

January 3, 2017
ChAriTy RaE

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Goth, Rock, Grunge, Dubstep Location: Springfield, Ohio I have enjoyed music since I was a kid. It began when I was seven, and I remember my grandpa (on my mother’s side of the family) who always had his guitar and karaoke machine hooked up in his garage. This began my journey...
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The Impact Kidd | Hip Hop Feature

January 2, 2017

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock & Chopped and Screwed Location: Riverside, California Robert Larremore aka “The Impact Kidd” is a up-and-coming DJ and Rapper who hails from Riverside, California. After deciding to quit his first love baseball after high school, Robert looked for something different to inspire to, so he took up his second love...
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Malia Carine | R&B Feature

December 30, 2016

Genre: R&B Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Malia Carine’s odyssey is a testament to talent, passion and true grit. Born in Belgium from Rwandan roots, she discovered music by singing in what truly energized her. Malia Carine has traveled and visited different cities around the world and it is the influences stemming from these various...
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GizzyGotcha | Hip Hop Feature

December 26, 2016
GizzyGotcha tattoo inked hip hop

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico I go by Gizzy, GizzyGotcha, or GG. Born in Cleveland, Midwest is what I am. Been writing ever since I could and been recording music since 2008. Up for Collabs or any projects at all times. Just hit my contact info below. GizzyGotcha Links GizzyGotcha Facebook Profile...
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YOUNIQUE | R&B Feature

December 25, 2016

Two young girls who both grew up on the south side of Chicago crossed each others path and never knew what their destinies would become of in the future. The summer of 2010 yoshie and sye formed their trio group ‘royale’. After losing a member they became closer. Their target was to bring back...
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L.O.G.I.C | Interview

December 25, 2016

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from? The way my lyrics are written and i am constantly thinking logically #GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be? Hip-Hop and maybe a little bit of new age #GMTU – Who are some of your major influences? atmosphere R.A The Rugged...
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RedHoodBeatz | Hip Hop Feature

December 22, 2016

Genre: Hip Hop, Reggae, Electro, Latin, Jazz, Pop, and other Location: Leipzig, Germany My name is Oleksandr Andryeychev and I was born in 1992 in Lugansk (Ukraine). At the age of 6 I moved to Germany with my parents. In the course of time I started to gain interest in music especially Hip Hop therefore...
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L.O.G.I.C | Hip Hop Feature

December 22, 2016
Logic Hip Hop Interview 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Tucson, Arizona My name is logic. i’m an emcee from Tucson AZ. i been spittin since i was 13. i started rappin cause my life was goin nowhere. in and out of juvie sellin drugs… w.e u can think of, i sold. couldnt stay in school. got into to many...
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