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Posts Tagged ‘ Bandcamp ’

Undefine’d | Hip Hop Feature

April 16, 2017

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Los Angeles, CA Undefine’d is an up and coming musical rap duo from the city of Los Angeles. Andrew and Ryan are looking forward the journey it will take them to make it to the top in order to share their lyrics with the world. In their recent mixtape”We’ve only...
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La Fin Absolute Du Monde “Leave Me In Detroit” Music Video

April 8, 2017
"Leave Me In Detroit" La Fin Absolute Du Monde music video el cerrito ca

Now here is an amazing music video from La Fin Absolute Du Monde for the song “Leave Me in Detroit”. Not really sure what to call the style of music other than maybe chill with slight hint of dubstep. The video is an excellent trippy story and the song makes me feel like I’m...
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Telli Prego & Patience “We Out Here” | West Coast Hip Hop | Audio

March 25, 2017
"We Out Here" by San Francisco's Telli Prego & Patience

If your in the mood for some dope west coast hip hop then I suggest you listen to “We Out Here” by San Francisco’s Telli Prego & Patience. Submitted to us on our facebook page. Press play below to listen to “We Out Here”.
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Bizarre music video: Rabbit Boy “Follow Us” | Alternative Rock

March 21, 2017
Rabbit Boy Follow Us music video rock 2012 new

Now this is a very strange music video accompanied by a soft and soothing song “Follow us” by Rabbit Boy. Watch the music video below. The first single from my new album ‘Lost hours’ For more Kobalt videos… http://www.youtube.com/user/macrobius321/videos?flow=grid&view=0 Download the free single here… http://rabbitboy.bandcamp.com/track/follow-us  
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Alexander Star “Overtime Grind” | R&B Music Video 2012

March 5, 2017
Alexander Star Overtime Grind R&B music video 2012 new

Alexander Star tells us about his daily struggle with smooth R&B vocals. Keep your eye on this up and comer he’s going places! Watch the music video for “Overtime Grind” below.     Welcome to the life of a full-time writer / vocal producer Alexander Star http://www.AlexanderStar.com http://twitter.com/MrAlexanderStar https://www.facebook.com/Mr.AlexanderStar http://mralexanderstar.bandcamp.com/ Go get “Overtime Grind”...
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Klassik “Enemy/Inner Me” | Music Video

February 28, 2017
Klassik enemy inner me music video new 2012 top

Music Video for Klassik’s song “Enemy/Inner Me” from the In The Making LP. Video shot and edited by Red Hat Films. “Enemy/Inner Me” is the first single from the full length LP “In The Making” which will be released September 25th, 2012. Please download the song at: http://klassik1.bandcamp.com/track/enemy-inner-me “Like” on Facbeook: www.facebook.com/iamklassik Follow on...
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Strax | Hip Hop Feature

December 30, 2016

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Spokane, Washington “good music i emcee and make all the beats u hear unless stated otherwise” -Strax Strax (Stratageez) Bandcamp Music Player Links to Strax Twitter @Strax01 Strax on Reverbnation Stratageez on Bandcamp Strax Youtube Channel  
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Mcellus | Hip Hop Feature

December 23, 2016
Mcellus Black Hoodi Records interview 2012

Genre: Hip Hop Location: Lansing, MI I go by MCELLUS (em-sell-us) I’m From Lansing, MI. I’ve been rapping and repping black hoodi Records since 2005. I’ve produced 6 original cds and 11 mixtapes. Ive performed with these artist: Ying Yang Twins, Chopper, Big Sean, Esham. Ive performed in venues all over Michigan and I’m...
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Target Renegades “hOw AwKwArD” | Featured UK Rock

December 7, 2016
Target Renegades “hOw AwKwArD” | Featured UK Rock

Here we have an excellent rock video from North West England’s Target Renegades. The song is called “hOw AwKwArD” and is a cool little tune! Check out the music video below. Like the Target Renegades Facebook Page Check out Target Renegades on Reverbnation Check out Target Renegades on Bandcamp Visit the official Target Renegades...
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The Bad Tenants “The Rundown” | Featured unique hip hop

December 1, 2016
The Bad Tenants “The Rundown” | Featured unique hip hop

Well here is something of a change, we got a submission from The Bad Tenants that just blew us away! These guys fuse hip hop and blues to create a style that is something that we have never heard before! This is amazing! The group is based out of Seattle, WA a city that...
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4 Music Websites to Upload Your Music to for FREE!

April 26, 2012

If you were to ask me what websites that you should upload your music to I would have to say the 4 I have listed below are the top sites for music hosting! Bandcamp Bandcamp helps artists sell their music and merch directly to their fans, and helps fans discover new music and directly...
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Northpilot | Indie Rock Feature

March 13, 2012
northpilot indie rock band pop chicago

Genre: Indie Rock Location: Chicago, Illinois   More often than not, a band’s sound is directly influenced by its surroundings. Be it the dark and ominous winter or the bright and enthusiastic summer, Northpilot’s music pays homage to its Midwestern stomping grounds, incorporating its dynamic sound into a live performance which one reviewer hails as “…being shot through...
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