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Pegg Starr | Interview

December 21, 2016

pegg starr interview#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from?

Pegg Starr @peggstarr – One of my High School friends used to joke around & call me DJ Pegg Starr. I started out as a hip hop DJ & the name just stayed with me when i decided to start writing my own music

#GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be?

@peggstarr – Hip Hop, I feel more of my songs are pretty main stream.

#GMTU – Who are some of your major influences?

@peggstarr – Definitely Salt n Pepa, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte & Missy Elliot. They are the best female MC’s

#GMTU – What inspired you to begin creating music?

@peggstarr – I was the dj at this clubfor one of my friends performance’s, & she asked me to jump on the stage with her…after that night, I always wanted to be on stage :O)

#GMTU – Have you performed live? If yes what was one of your most memorable experiences from it?

@peggstarr – I perform live all the time, its always a rush…but I love bigger crowds…I feel the bigger the crowd ..the bigger the rush & the more nervous & excited I get.

#GMTU – What are the main topics or themes for most of your songs?

@peggstarr – Loving life & being free. I speak about addiction in alot of my music as well. I feel over coming drug addiction & the feelings that go along with the struggle, are things that most artists don’t talk about. Its a very important issue & I get messages all the time, commenting on my songs & how they opened people eyes…or made them cry, because they were feeling that way.

#GMTU – How has your music evolved since you began making music?

@peggstarr – Absolutely, when i listen to the music I put out 11 years ago….its so different! I’ve grown so much as an artist & performer.

#GMTU – What has been your biggest challenge with your music?

@peggstarr – The fact that the industry is more concerned with the way i look…then the way I sound. They seem like the wanna sell posters instead of music. I think its ridiculous that I have a harder time, because I’m not a size 2 & a model.

#GMTU – What advice would you give someone who wants to get into music?

@peggstarr – Always follow your dreams & never give up! Anything is possible , if you put your mind to it. It took years for me to mold myself & promote, & all the things that come along with the game. But now, I got myself a record deal & my album is in stores. It pays off eventually if u try hard enough.

#GMTU – Any last words?

@peggstarr – Look me up! Go to www.peggstarr.com! Download my FREE Android App..just look up “Peggstarr”. Tune into my weekly news show called “Wacky News Views”, we air every Thursday at 8pm sharp EST. You can watch the show on peggstarr.com or www.strongisland.com. Buy the debut album “Look what my mama made” & bump it! It’s in every online music store! Thanks for listening to me!

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