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MCELLUS | Interview | Hip Hop – Lansing, Michigan

December 28, 2016
Mcellus Black Hoodi Records interview 2012

Black Hoodie Records Logo

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from?

MCELLUS @BlackHoodiRecor – It actually has two meanings: 1) Mo-Sell-Us 2) it was the nick name of my grandfather RIP Marcelus “the real MCELLUS” Crawford

#GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be?

MCELLUS – Midwest speedy/Crunk/Party/Storytelling/Nintendocore

#GMTU – Who are some of your major influences?

MCELLUS – My family, my crew, my life, videogames, famous people in history, my favorite musicians and fictional characters

#GMTU – What inspired you to begin creating music?

MCELLUS – lol right when eminem was came out. me and my friends were all like 12 and we decided to have a battle rap party. I won one out of two tournaments we had. then it just progressed from there

#GMTU – Have you performed live? If yes what was one of your most memorable experiences from it?

MCELLUS – hell yea I love it. funniest one was when these older ladies were screaming “fuck me baby” off stage. and when I met the yin yang twins and stayed at this fly resort in traverse city

#GMTU – What are the main topics or themes for most of your songs?

MCELLUS – It varies. I talk about life, sex, and tell short stories about creative stuff like being a monster or an animal or a alien

#GMTU – How has your music evolved since you began making music?

MCELLUS – i have developed alot of different ways to rhyme. better sound quality and beats. I gotta team behind me. My cds look better. my business has also improved. My shows are more and more crazy

#GMTU – What has been your biggest challenge with your music?

MCELLUS – balancing music,friends/family,work, relationships, and health (I am a diabetic)

#GMTU – What advice would you give someone who wants to get into music?

MCELLUS – Be serious otherwise you are wasting your time. learn from everyone. Always improve business. Dont be afraid to try something different

#GMTU – Any last words?

MCELLUS РI aint dead lol yea add my record company www.youtube.com/blackhoodi   im always willing to callabo. got 2 new mixtapes and a solo album coming out featuring King Gordy, Cognito, Liquid Assassin



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