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Emily DeHority | Ukulele Bedroom Pop Feature

March 12, 2012

Emily DeHorityGenre: Ukulele Bedroom Pop

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi!  My name is Emily DeHority, but I call myself ED on album covers because my last name is awkward.  I am 17, from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I play the ukulele and sing.  My genre is folk-punk or twee/indie or ukulele bedroom pop.  I just released my second album, called Casual Ants.  My favorite musicians are Mal Blum and Madeline Ava, and I’ve been likened to the latter.  I also have gotten Kimya Dawson, Kate Micucci, Joni Mitchell, and inexplicably, Syd Barrett.


Emily DeHority Music Videos

Emily DeHority “Alice” – Music Video

Emily DeHority “A song about art” – Music Video

Emily DeHority “The park in the dark” – Music Video

Emily DeHority “How come all the hot guys are potheads?” – Music Video

Emily DeHority Bandcamp Music Player

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Emily DeHority Bandcamp Music Page


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