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BK | Interview | Hip Hop/R&B – Namibia, Africa

December 28, 2016

BK (Brooklyn n Kimorah)

#GMTU – Where did your stage name originate from?

BK – The name BK aka Brooklyn N Kimorah is a clever mix of taking the B from Brooklyn and the K from Kimorah and voila BK. Brooklyn chose that stage name because Brooklyn is an inspirational place in New York and is often referred to as the birthplace of hip hop.  Kimorah chose her name because it means royal and honorable.

#GMTU – What genre do you consider your music to be?

BK – We consider the genre we do to be a cross between hip hop and RnB and sometimes dancehall

#GMTU – Who are some of your major influences?

BK – Brooklyn is inspired by the entire Young Money aka YMCMB crew and Kimorah is inspired by great singers such as Brandy

#GMTU – What inspired you to begin creating music?

BK – Music has always been a part of our lives and when we met it just seemed like the right fit to form a duo with and the rest is history.

#GMTU – Have you performed live? If yes what was one of your most memorable experiences from it?

BK – Yes, we have performed live.  One of the more memorable ones was at a beauty pageant and it was almost  like the people were starstruck a little and after the show everyone came up to us and wanted to take pictures with us.  Which felt incredible.

#GMTU – What are the main topics or themes for most of your songs?

BK – The songs we’ve done so far fall over a mix of themes from love, to swag, to just feeling downright sexy.

#GMTU – How has your music evolved since you began making music?

BK – We think our sound has evolved substantially since the first song we ever did.we’re finding ourselves as young ladies and as artists and I think that reflects in our sound. We’re coming into our own.

#GMTU – What has been your biggest challenge with your music?

BK – The biggest challenge we have is that people don’t like change.they don’t like hearing new things. They want to stick with the artists they’ve always listened to and won’t give newbies a chance.  Also we can’t find anyone who gets the “BK Vision”, we want someone who supports us and understands that we know who we are and where we want to go. We don’t want to be pigeon holed as just another girl group.

#GMTU – What advice would you give someone who wants to get into music?

BK – We would say go for it, but you should be realistic, it won’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and dedication.  If you don’t have a passion for it then don’t bother, because people will constantly try and bring you and your music down, but as long as you stick to your guns, learn to take criticism and develop a thick skin, you should be just fine.

#GMTU – Any last words?

BK – The Namibian music industry is a hard nut to crack.  People are in their own lil Kwaito bubble and aren’t all that into hip hop, probably coz they don’t get it.  But BK is determined to succeed so watch this space. <3



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