Tamara Bubble Dutch Audio

Tamara Bubble “Dutch” Audio

New song from the dope underground female rapper that goes by the name of ! The song is called Dutch and you can listen to it below!

Lyrics to “Dutch” by Tamara Bubble

Yo I know you like to roll up
But homie what is you smoking? (DUTCH)
Green tank
And I’m looking like a bank
But I ain’t paying for nothing (DUTCH)

You lucky to even have my number
You can’t afford my time tho
So what I’m all glowed up
I still ain’t dropping a dime

Oh word, you wanna get to know me
We finna do the things on my mental
Yea, you could keep on staring at me
Cuz ain’t no prices on that menu
Yea, how you gon get mad at me
When I picked a spot you can’t get into
Well then, you shouldn’t make reservations
If you ain’t ready to spend boo

It’s looking like it’s about that time
For you to catch a Lyft to slums, patna (dat way)
Pull up on a working girl
And put a $50 down on a bum, patna (dat way)
You ain’t wanna pay for dinner
But you still gon pay for something, eww
Now rub up on her dry biscuit
Sop that ‘L’ up with your thumb


Yeah I see you grinding
But hit me after you done came up
Cuz you been complaining bout paying for dates
And boy you really two stepping your lame up
You really chin checking a dame bruh
I’m mad you mentioning a split check
Cuz even if we glued all your checks together
You still can’t even pay my rent yet

Don’t be mad that
I gotta date a boss
Mad that I’m thicker than the sauce
Mad you ain’t gon see me in nothing weak
Mad you ain’t gon be the one taking it off

I’m mad that your designer belt costs
That much and it’s mad ugly tho
Look that coulda been the su chef tip
So either you cheap or you broke


I’m sickening
You coulda been finger licking and
I’m the one dripping, you tripping, I’m drizzling
If you had them chips in a stack like you say you do
You could’ve probably been dipping in
I’ll make you wait a few
More than a date or two
I ain’t gon play with you
Ain’t got the time of the day for you
Pass me that butter knife and that grey poupon
Don’t look at me like you need a coupon

Fix your face bet you only shop on Groupon
Have several seats on your little futon
Cuz you the one bout to take a “L” for lunch
Tell me what kinda diet is you on
Meanwhile I’m looking like a snack
But you the one with the munchies
You the one bent out of shape like a pretzel
You got all salty and crunchy, yea

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